A new gas station is emerging in Timoulayt.

    During a festive ceremony, the first gas station of its kind was inaugurated in the municipality of Timoulayt, in the Azilal region, this Thursday, January 25th, bearing the name PETRO BIG, owned by its proprietor Faqir Sefiane. The station is located on the road connecting Timoulayt and Oulad M’barek,


      Description High-performance oil suitable for gasoline, diesel, and turbo diesel engines. Thanks to its versatile formulation and performance level. It stands out as a logical choice for lubricating a fleet of mixed and modern vehicles while meeting the specifications of the majority of vehicle manufacturers. It provides protection against


        Description Lubricant for diesel engines with a naturally high viscosity index.It has a very high level of detergency at high temperatures and features highly developed thermal stability and oxidation resistance.This oil surpasses conventional Series 3 oils in terms of cold dispersion, ensuring engine cleanliness under all operating conditions and


          Description PETROBIG ULTIMACO SYNT 10W40 is a high-performance oil that ensures excellent lubrication for modern diesel engines, promoting their longevity. It delivers excellent performance in both modern, low-emission engines and older engines running on diesel with high or low sulfur content.PETROBIG ULTIMACO SYNT 10W40 is formulated from high-quality base


            Description PETROBIG ULTIMACO SYNT 15W40 is a high-performance oil that ensures excellent lubrication for modern diesel engines, promoting their longevity. It delivers excellent performance in both modern, low-emission engines and older engines running on diesel with high or low sulfur content.PETROBIG ULTIMACO SYNT 15W40 is formulated from high-quality base

              PETROBIG GEAR EP 90 140

              Description Oil chosen for gearboxes and bridges, possessing exceptionally high extreme pressure capabilities. Excellent chemical and thermal stability.Anti-rust and enhanced anti-corrosion properties. No aggressiveness towards non-ferrous metals. Low freezing point. Level of performance. API GL4 / MIL-L-2105 (A) Applications For the gearboxes and axles of cars. For mechanical transmissions


                Description PETROBIG UTIMACO 5W30 FULL SYNTH is a very high performance lubricant made with a mixture of synthetic oils and the most sophisticated additive system to date.It provides an unrivaled level of protection, active cleaning and remarkable drain spacing. Level of performance. API SN/SM/SL/SJ ACEA A3/B3 A3/B4 Advantages High

                  HLP-HM ISO 46/68

                  Description HLP-HM ISO 46/68 oils are high performance anti-wear hydraulic oils designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of hydraulic equipment. HLP-HM ISO 46/68 oils are formulated with selected high quality base oils and a specific additive system chosen to provide very good anti-wear properties, protection against

                    SUPRA EP2 GREASE

                    Description SUPRA EP2 GREASE is a complex, multi-purpose lithium soap-based grease, particularly suitable for lubrication in centralized installations or under sealed housings.Applications in transport, agriculture, public works, all-terrain vehicles, with presence orno water and dust.SUPRA EP2 GREASE is also suitable for any industrial application where an NLGI grade 2

                    PETROBIG ULTIMACO 10W40 CF/SL

                      PETROBIG ULTIMACO 10W40 CF/SL

                      Description PETROBIG ULTIMACO 10W40 CF/SL is a synthetic multigrade oil, designed for the lubrication of gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars, including direct injection diesel engines such as Common Rail, HDI, CDI, etc. The use of high quality components guarantees high oil fluidity at low temperatures as well

                        PETROBIG 20W50

                        Performance Level CF / SF Specifications Measurement Method Unit Result Appearance Visual Color ASTM D1500 Density at 15°C ASTM D4052 g/ml 0.890 Viscosity at 40°C in cSt ASTM D445 mm2/s 112.40 Viscosity at 100°C in cSt ASTM D445 mm2/s 14.11 Viscosity Index – VI ASTM D2270 120 (Min 115)

                          GRAISSE MP2

                          Description MP2 GREASE is a calcium-based, adhesive grease specially formulated for the lubrication of articulation points, chassis, universal joints, rollers, chains, and cams.Applications in transportation, agriculture, construction, off-road vehicles, with or without the presence of water and dust.Ensure not to contaminate the grease during application with dust or other

                            GREASE MP3

                            Description MP3 GREASE is a multi-purpose grease formulated with high-quality mineral base oils and lithium soap, ensuring effective lubrication for all mechanical equipment (bearings, rollers, etc.) at moderately high temperatures. IPM HT GREASE combines three advanced technological elements, namely: High-quality base oils. Rigorously selected anti-wear and anti-rust additives. Thickened

                              PETROBIG 10W

                              Description Monograde lubricant for hydraulic systems, with good oxidation stability, anti-wear protection, and anticorrosion properties. Level of performance. API : CF / SF. Applications Hydraulic systems operating over a broad temperature range. Hydraulic systems combined with gears and bearings requiring good anti-wear properties Industries with on and off-road applications,

                                PETROBIG 80W90 GL5

                                Description Paraffinic lubricant for gearboxes, low-tooth-load bridges. Excellent thermal stability, antioxidant. Level of performance. API : GL5 Advantages Excellent chemical and thermal stability. Enhanced anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties Zero aggressiveness towards non-ferrous metals Low freezing point. Advantages All mechanical transmissions for which a GL5 oil is recommended. Specifications Measurement

                                  PETROBIG 85W140 GL-5

                                  Description PETROBIG 85W140 GL-5 are high performance transmission oils, formulated from high quality base oils and specifically selected additives. These oils are intended for the lubrication of axles and final drives of heavy goods vehicles which are subject to extreme loads and pressures PETROBIG 85W140 GL-5 are recommended for