PETROBIG 85W140 GL-5 are high performance transmission oils, formulated from high quality base oils and specifically selected additives. These oils are intended for the lubrication of axles and final drives of heavy goods vehicles which are subject to extreme loads and pressures PETROBIG 85W140 GL-5 are recommended for applications requiring an API GL-5 performance level.


Modern equipment transmissions are increasingly demanding lubricants that must accommodate higher speeds, torques and loads. New transmission oils must ensure perfect lubrication and prolong the life of gears while allowing optimization of operating costs. Thanks to the specificity of their base oils and their selected additive system. They have the following advantages:

  • Less deposits and longer life of gears, bearings and seals.
  • Increased load capacity, reduced maintenance costs and longer equipment life.
  • Reduced wear and extended component life
  • Best Starts
  • Fewer leaks and less pollution.


  • Highly loaded axles and final drives
  • Transmissions of passenger vehicles, utility vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, coaches, etc.
  • Transmissions of Public Works, quarrying and agricultural equipment
  • All transmissions, including hypoid transmissions, operating in harsh conditions (high speed/high load, high speed/low torque, and/or low speed/high torque).


MeasurementMethodUnitVAL Type
Character – (Trend)Paraffinic
ColorASTM D15000.6
Density at 15°CASTM D4052g/ml0.9038
Viscosity at 40°C in cStASTM D445mm2/s460
Viscosity at 100°C in cStASTM D445mm2/s30
Viscosity Index – VIASTM D227095
PMCC Flash PointASTM D93°C220
Point of flowASTM D97°C-12
Foaming Seq. I Trend / StabilityASTM D892ml50/0
Foaming Seq. II Trend/StabilityASTM D892ml50/0
Copper CorrosionNF EN ISO 2160quoting≤1b
Essai FZGDIN 51-35414

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