Petrobig History

PetroBig, a dynamic oil company established in 2016, has charted its journey with sustained growth, gradually emerging as one of the undisputed leaders in the oil sector in Morocco.

Our history is marked by substantial challenges, facing fierce competition in a demanding market and notable fluctuations in oil prices. However, thanks to the determination of our founders and the remarkable competence of our management team, Petrobig has overcome these challenges, turning obstacles into opportunities to emerge as a key player in the oil industry, becoming the absolute reference in bunkering in Morocco.

Today, Petrobig is actively engaged in various activities, ranging from strategic importation to meticulous distribution of petroleum products. Furthermore, our company excels in supplying foreign vessels in all Moroccan ports. While maintaining our position as a leader, we do not lose sight of our social and environmental responsibilities. We are involved in concrete projects aimed at improving the living conditions of local communities and promoting sustainable development.

  • PetroBig founded by MOHAMED BIGUEJDA
  • Start of wholesale and semi-wholesale fuel and lubricant distribution activities.
  • Obtaining the approval for the distribution of petroleum products.
  • Obtaining the approval for the importation of petroleum products.
  • Opening of the first PetroBig gas station.
  • Expansion of the gas station network to 10 stations.
  • Expansion of the gas station network to 21 stations.
  • Offering a 100% digital customer journey for fuel deliveries directly to businesses.
  • Expansion of the gas station network to 32 stations.
  • Development of new services for B2B clients.
  • PetroBig asserts itself as one of the leaders in fuel and lubricant distribution in Morocco.
  • The company continues to innovate and offer cutting-edge solutions to its customers.
  • Continued expansion of the gas station network.