- Since 2016


Operating in the sector of Wholesale and semi-wholesale services & distribution of fuels and lubricants to B2B customers.

- High quality products


Our products are used every day by thousands of automotive, transport and industrial customers.

- More than 40 service stations


PetroBIG provides coverage of the entire national territory and a premium service

- About Us

We are Petrobig
Leader in the distribution of fuels and lubricants

PetroBig is a Moroccan company engaged in wholesale and semi-wholesale services and the distribution of fuels and lubricants to B2B customers.

PetroBig is a passionate team with the goal of improving everyone’s life through innovative products, we create great products to solve our customers’ problems.


Nous proposons une large gamme de lubrifiants industriels performants.


PetroBig provides a fuel-delivery solution that meets every need.


Slide Full Services for Your Comfort Welcome to Petrobig Service Station,

- Our vision

We aim to be the best distributor in Morocco

Being the Leaders of distribution carburants & lubrifiants

Being highly profitable and performance-driven enterprise

Managing our operations with world-class standards

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Years Of Experience

Word from the President

« It is with a deep sense of honor that I speak as the President of Petrobig. Founded in 2016 as a fuel and lubricant distribution company, PetroBig has grown to become a major player in the oil industry by 2020. In addition to its core activities, PetroBig has established its own service stations, thus providing a comprehensive network to meet the energy needs of its customers. From our humble beginnings, we have worked tirelessly to become a key player in our industry, and I am extremely proud of everything we have achieved together so far.

In just a few years, PetroBig has become much more than just a company; it has evolved into a committed community, a family united by a common vision: to provide the best possible service to our customers and communities. Each PetroBig service station embodies our core values of quality, innovation, and integrity.

As President, I am committed to continue supporting and guiding our network to new heights. We will remain true to our mission of providing high-quality fuels, exceptional service, and innovative solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers. »

President and Founder: Mr. BIGUEJDA MOHAMED

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    Our happy clients told about us

    “Very good quality of fuel and services”


    Redouane Bendami

    ” Great service”


    Khalid El Asri

    “ This is a gas station where you can find all what you need.”

    Abdelkarim Akhssay

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