PETROBIG UTIMACO 5W30 FULL SYNTH is a very high performance lubricant made with a mixture of synthetic oils and the most sophisticated additive system to date.
It provides an unrivaled level of protection, active cleaning and remarkable drain spacing.

Level of performance.

ACEA A3/B3 A3/B4


  • High thermal and oxidation stability
  • High alkalinity reserve
  • Shear stability
  • Excellent low-temperature properties
  • Reduction of sludge, deposits, and viscosity increase
  • Protection against wear and viscosity control.
  • Improved fuel economy


PETROBIG ULTIMACO 5W30 FULL SYNT is recommended for all types of modern vehicles, and is suitable in high performance turbocharged, supercharged, multi-valve or direct injection gasoline and diesel engines in passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles and trucks.


ColorASTM D1500
Density at 15°CASTM D4052g/ml0.865
Viscosity at 40°C in cStASTM D445mm2/s84
Viscosity at 100°C in cStASTM D445mm2/s14.2
Viscosity index – VIASTM D2270175
Point of flowASTM D97°C-30
PMCC Flash PointASTM D93°C231

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