MP3 GREASE is a multi-purpose grease formulated with high-quality mineral base oils and lithium soap, ensuring effective lubrication for all mechanical equipment (bearings, rollers, etc.) at moderately high temperatures.

IPM HT GREASE combines three advanced technological elements, namely:

  • High-quality base oils.
  • Rigorously selected anti-wear and anti-rust additives.
  • Thickened with lithium soap (Li-12 Hydroxystearate).


MP3 GREASE is designed to ensure the proper functioning of the following equipment:

  • Lubrication of semi-trailer coupling fifth wheels.
  • Lubrication of wheel hubs, spindles, ball joints, springs, and bearings.
  • General lubrication in industry, automotive, agriculture, and public works.


  • Long service life ensuring lasting protection of the equipment.
  • Excellent protection against rust and corrosion.
  • Good resistance to water and solid contaminants.


Grade NLGI2
Nature of the soapLithium
Visual colorBlack buttery substance
Copper corrosion≤1b
Worked penetration at 25°C according to ASTM D 217265 / 295
Dropping point according to ASTM D 566°C240
Operating temperature°C-30 / +130
AdditivesAnti-wear, anti-rust, extreme pressure

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