SUPRA EP2 GREASE is a complex, multi-purpose lithium soap-based grease, particularly suitable for lubrication in centralized installations or under sealed housings.
Applications in transport, agriculture, public works, all-terrain vehicles, with presence or
no water and dust.
SUPRA EP2 GREASE is also suitable for any industrial application where an NLGI grade 2 extreme pressure grease is required.
Ensure not to contaminate the grease during application with dust or other pollutants. Preferably use a pneumatic pump system or cartridges for lubrication.


  • Miscible with most conventional soap-based greases.
  • Very good mechanical stability, preventing any ejection and loss of consistency in service.
  • Excellent adhesive power on metals.


  • The EP2 multi-purpose character covers a wide range of applications and makes it possible to rationalize stocks and simplify maintenance operations, by replacing numerous greases.
  • Very good lubricating film performance in service which reduces maintenance costs and downtime.
  • Good thermal stability, very good resistance to temperature variations.
  • SUPRA EP2 GREASE does not contain lead or any other heavy metal considered harmful to human health or the environment.


IPM Multi-Purpose GreaseEP
Grade NLGI2
Nature of the soapLithium
Visual colorLight brown
min dropping point °C ASTM D 566+230
Operating temperature °C-30/+150
AdditivesAnti-wear, anti-rust

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