Monograde lubricant for hydraulic systems, with good oxidation stability, anti-wear protection, and anticorrosion properties.

Level of performance.

API : CF / SF.


  • Hydraulic systems operating over a broad temperature range.
  • Hydraulic systems combined with gears and bearings requiring good anti-wear properties
  • Industries with on and off-road applications, including: heavy-duty vehicles, construction equipment, mining, quarrying, and agricultural machinery


MeasurementMethodUnitTypical value
ColorASTM D1500<3.5
Density at 15°CASTM D4052g/ml0.870
Viscosity at 40°C in cStASTM D445mm2/s37.00
Viscosity at 100°C in cStASTM D445mm2/s6.00
Viscosity Index – VIASTM D2270105
Point of flowASTM D97°C-21
PMCC Flash PointASTM D93°CMin 190

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